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We are fully committed to develop a sustainable olive production always respecting the environment and following an integrated production process and the latest agriculture techniques offering to our clients the highest quality standards.


Sevillian style olives

We are specialized in farming our olive groves and the curing olive process as whole, pitted, stuffed or sliced. We commercialize our olives in bulk formats being present in more than 20 different countries.Olives are a must in the Mediterranean Diet and it is part of many dishes, appetizers, salads, bread, pizza or sauces since it is one of the healthiest ingredients.
Estepa Oliva Aceitunas

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Whole green hojiblanca olives


Pitted green hojiblanca olives


Stuffed green hojiblanca olives


Sliced green hojiblanca olives


Organic green hojiblanca olives


First quality olives from our own back yards

The highest quality can only be achieved by controlling the entire production process and one of the most important stages is fermentation, thanks to this phase olives are a powerful probiotic and a high functional value food, due to the presence of natural antioxidants, fiber and oleic acid.
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Estepa Oliva Aceitunas
We are based in Estepa (Seville), over the southern area of Spain. No matter where you are, if you are pack and distribute olives and you want to offer the highest quality, Estepaoliva will be your best ally.